Which are the best films in Telugu in recent times?

Everyone likes to watch the latest Telugu movies, especially if they are fans of certain actors. You might not be able to watch all the latest movies in theatres and will have to wait a long time to watch them on Tv channels. Watching Telugu movies online  has become common; all of the latest films are available on different platforms.

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DJ Tillu

DJ Tillu is an exciting new comedy film with a unique story with many interesting parts. The story revolves around Tillu, a wild DJ. He falls in love with Radhika, but she drags him into many troubles. The rest of the story is about DJ Tillu trying to resolve all those problems.


BheemlaNayak is an action film by the famous film actor – power star Pawan Kalyan playing the role of police officer BheemlaNayak. The story starts with Danny, an ex-Havaldarwho is caught and mistreated by the police at the border area. Danny gets arrested by BheemlaNayak, who later finds that he is the son of an influential person. The actual fight starts between BheemlaNayak and Danny after Danny releases a video of Nayak serving him liquor. The movie is full of action scenes between them until the end, where they get compromised.


Krack is an action thriller film wherein Ravi Teju, one of the famous Telugu film stars, plays the role of C I PotharajuVeera Shankar. It is a good action film with numerous fights than you would expect. The movie involves a most-wanted terrorist, a factionist and a local goon trying to fight and get rid of an honest cop PotharajuVeerashankar. But they do not know what the result would be in fighting against him and their lives are in danger.

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